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Counting Towers: A Math Game for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Mathematics — Numbers and Operations, Counting.  Social Studies — Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities, Cooperation and Problem Solving
number cube, dice, manipulatives, counters, gameboards, Play, games

This counting game is a simple, but fun way for children to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence. A number cube is used to determine how many blocks to stack on the game board. Most children love to see and hear a tower tumble! To lower noise level, the game can be played on a carpet square or mat that will absorb some sound. The cubes, spinners, or cards could be imprinted in a variety of ways to meet the special needs of the children playing the game.

Using this game as a part of a purposefully planned and coordinated set of counting activities would be a wonderful way to expose children to the fun of early mathematics. (author/nmb)

Number, Number Sense and Operations for Early Childhood
Number and Number Sense
Touch objects and say the number names when counting in the context of daily activities and play (e.g., cookies on a plate, steps on a set of stairs).
Demonstrate one-to-one correspondence when counting objects (e.g., give one cookie to each child in group).
Determine "how many" in sets of 5 or fewer objects.
Identify and name numerals 0-9.
Mathematical Processes for Young Children
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities for Early Childhood
Demonstrate cooperative behaviors, such as helping, turn taking, sharing, comforting and compromising.
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